4 Ways to Increase Your Small Business’s Foot Traffic

Competition is often tough when running a brick-and-mortar business, as you will likely need to compete with many local rivals to attract potential customers and generate superb sales. For your business to survive and thrive, you must differentiate your venue from competitors and encourage passersby into your store, restaurant, or bar daily.

The good news is you can introduce plenty of marketing tactics to grab people’s attention and separate your brand from its rivals. Here are four ways to increase your small business’s foot traffic.

  1. Boost Custom with an Eye-Catching Yard Sign

A yard sign is a powerful way to encourage people to take notice of your business. The handy signage could redirect passersby to your store, bar, or restaurant, which they might not know is around the corner or a short walk away. 

In addition to advertising your business’s location, you can use a yard sign to promote a special offer or a fun event that could encourage more footfall. A professional yard sign printing service can help you create an eye-catching, professional sign that grabs prospective customers’ attention and complements your brand’s image.

  1. Host an In-Store Event

Of course, you could always use a yard sign to promote an in-store event, such as a class or workshop, which could encourage more people to visit your brick-and-mortar venue. Look for an activity or class that would engage your target demographic. 

For example, a health business could provide classes, workshops, or book signings from industry professionals, such as a respected nutritionist, personal trainer, or doctor. The fun event will attract many people to your business while creating a sense of community, which could boost your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty.

  1. Claim a Google Business Listing

In addition to installing yard signs to guide customers to your store, you can make it easier for people to find you by claiming a Google Business listing. Your target demographic may look up local businesses online before visiting a store, booking a table at a restaurant, or organizing drinks with friends at a bar, and a Google Business listing can help your venue appear in local search results. The listing will help prospective customers learn about your business and its location, which may encourage them to visit your restaurant, store, or bar in the future. 

  1. Improve Your Venue’s Curb Appeal

Your business’s exterior could attract many customers or force them to walk on. A well-maintained, attractive storefront is more likely to stop passersby in their tracks and convince them to explore your products, request a table, or pull up a stool at the bar.

Improve your venue’s curb appeal by regularly removing trash, washing its windows, and giving it a fresh lick of paint when needed. Also, you can make your exterior more aesthetically pleasing by adding colorful plants, creating attractive window displays, and installing outdoor lighting.

If you follow the above top tips, you could grab the attention of passersby, increase foot traffic, and generate significant sales throughout the years.