A Guide to Mediterranean Interior Design 

Originating from the coastal regions of Southern Europe, this aesthetic captures the essence of sun-soaked landscapes, azure waters and rustic charm. It stands out for its timeless elegance, warm hues and relaxed ambience.  

Whether you live in a bustling city apartment or a beautiful countryside villa, infusing your home with Mediterranean elements can transport you to the idyllic shores of the Mediterranean Sea.  


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You want to find furniture that resonates with the region’s rich heritage and rustic appeal. Pieces that are crafted from natural materials such as wood, wrought iron and rattan will give your home an earthy, organic feel.  

Look for furniture with ornate detailing, such as intricate carvings or mosaic tile inlays, that are reminiscent of the craftsmanship found in Mediterranean architecture. Consider upholstery in vibrant hues like terracotta, azure and ochre, evoking the sun-drenched palette of the Mediterranean landscape.  

Incorporate iconic pieces such as arched-back chairs, distressed wooden tables and wrought iron bed frames to capture the essence of this style.  


Transform your walls in a way that takes you straight to the Mediterranean. Choose wallpaper designs that evoke natural beauty through scenic landscapes or vineyard motifs. You could even use intricate tile patterns that are inspired by traditional Mediterranean ceramics. 

Embrace earthy tones such as sandy beige, olive green and sun-baked terracotta to infuse your space with warmth and vitality. 

You can go a step further by adorning accent walls with metallic accents or shimmering gold leaf motifs. This adds a touch of luxury, reminiscent of the extravagant palaces and villas that dot the coastline.  


Mediterranean Interior Design 

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There’s an emphasis on using natural materials as much as you can for this interior design. You can use terracotta tiles, natural stone or wooden flooring with a weathered finish to evoke warmth and character. Embrace the beauty of imperfections by choosing tiles with uneven edges, stones with natural variations in colour and texture or reclaimed wood with a rustic charm. Each emulates the interesting nature of Mediterranean architecture. 

You could even incorporate decorative mosaic tiles to add a touch of timeless elegance to your floors through their beautiful and traditional designs.  


Carefully curate decorations throughout your space that reflect the cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Mediterranean. You can use ceramics, pottery and terracotta accents to add a touch of artisanal craftsmanship to your home.  

Display decorative pieces such as Moroccan lanterns, hand-painted tiles and various delicately woven textiles to infuse your home with Mediterranean flair.  

Don’t forget to include natural elements! Bring the outdoors inside with potted plants, dried flowers and woven baskets, creating an organic vibe. Consider paying homage to the seas as well with a few nautical pieces of décor like seashells and driftwood. 


Mediterranean Interior Design 

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You’ll want to make the most out of natural light to fully welcome the Mediterranean interior style. Use sheer curtains or woven blinds that allow the sunlight to filter through, bathing your home with a warm, revitalising glow. 

Embrace warm, diffused lighting to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere that’s reminiscent of Mediterranean sunsets. Use fixtures with ornate detailing such as wrought iron sconces, pendant lights with intricate filigree designs or glass lanterns inspired by traditional Mediterranean craftsmanship. Mix this with soft, ambient lighting sources such as candles, string lights and lanterns to add to the aesthetic.  


You’ll want to reflect the vibrant landscapes of the Mediterranean by embracing a colour palette inspired by nature. Use hues of azure blue, sun-baked terracotta, sandy beige and olive green to dominate your colour scheme. Include warm, earthy tones to evoke the sun-drenched landscape; bringing your home to life.  

Consider incorporating bright pops of colour to add visual interest and depth to your décor; think turquoise, coral and saffron. You can balance bold accents with neutral tones such as creamy white or sandy beige too. 

Creating a Mediterranean Interior 

Mediterranean Interior Design 

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Embodying the rustic charm and relaxed ambience of the Southern European coastline, Mediterranean interiors exude a sense of timeless elegance. You can transform your home into a retreat of warmth, vitality and sophistication by incorporating elements such as natural materials, warm colours and ornate detailing.  

Whether you live in the bustling city or the tranquil countryside, you can transport yourself to the idyllic shores of the Mediterranean Sea. All by creating a sanctuary where you can unwind, recharge and immerse yourself in the beauty of coastal living.