Dream Big, Climb High, & Live Life To The Fullest With Entrepreneur And Wellness Coach Maria Camargo

“You have the power to create the life you want,” says SummaWork founder Maria Camargo. Using her unique holistic healing techniques, the wellness coach and mother of two is on a mission to help individuals and leaders regain their spark and reach their peak potential. 

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Maria Camargo

One of the reasons we don’t just admire mountains but feel so compelled to climb them is the fundamental truth that eternally progressing human beings are prone to taking on challenges. 

It’s a predicament where even a harrowing uphill journey—like life—can’t help but develop our progress. Yes, the climb may tempt and try us, but it also inspires us and elicits a transformative ability to rekindle our purpose, heal, and thrive.

Yet, while conquering the summit through determination and courage adds a unique perspective when standing at the base of a seemingly precarious peak, fear can often cast a negative shadow on specific situations. 

With so much gloom and hardship hanging over our heads, some continue the climb instead of opting for an easier path. No matter what we go through, the light we seek may often tug at our inner truth so hard that it becomes a goal worth striving for.

The same goes when we cross the finish line after completing a half-ironman, walk out of an intense eight-day silent meditation program in India, or undergo a 15-day round trip to Kathmandu—all real-life rewards and retreats experienced and conquered by the Venezuelan explorer, wellness coach, and entrepreneur Maria Camargo. On top of that she’s also ran 11 marathons, with her 12th – Every Woman’s Marathon, taking place November 2024. 

“Every morning before I get out of bed, I have this gratitude routine, sort of a prayer that I say to start my day with the right energy,” she says.

“But to be honest, I have always had this sense within me that I could do anything,” she adds. “I always knew there had to be a way and found one. It was almost like an instinct, without any concept of spirituality.”

As a mother of two and a former senior consultant in performance improvement for Kaiser Permanente, facilitating directors, managers, staff, and even executives’ shift to growth mindsets came naturally for her.

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Maria Camargo

While the infectious spread of COVID-19 caused many hurdles globally, it created a new lease of life for Camargo that bestowed three double-edged swords and turned glorious triumphs. Parallel to her busy work life, her curious fascination with meditation had already taken flight.

“I started consuming meditation, and felt this thirst for more,” she says. “Soon, many doors started opening for me, and I became even more conscious.”

Tapping into practices like Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s healing work, her life transformed for the better when she was presented with multiple personal and professional growth opportunities through learning and self-reflection.

After realizing her need for more balance and stability during a time of turmoil, Camargo set out on a newfound quest for purpose.

“​​The only reason I was able to weather the whole storm so well and achieve such good results was that I had all those tools I had built throughout the years—my trip to India also served as a huge quantum leap,” she says. “Then Joe Dispenza entered my life, and I remember feeling like I had forgiven myself and let go of all my resentment.”

With a burning desire to run faster, climb higher, and embrace the world’s sweet natural sunlight, the founder of SummaWork has, for the last 15 years, learned valuable tools and techniques to improve her life and those around her. 

Having ignited a passion for serving others, Camargo now teaches people how to conquer their inner demons, uncover limiting beliefs, and reach their internal summit so they can tackle each day with a positive attitude.

Yet, while encouraging journaling for manifestation, her coaching at SummaWork challenges traditional work practices to prioritize wellness and productivity.

Thanks to her experience in the corporate workplace, she also values the importance of leaders and colleagues living in an environment with a positive culture. Blooming this has many benefits that extend into the workplace. 

“I help people understand that they can create the life they want, be it the workplace, the job, or the health that they want, and then be inspired,” says Camargo. “People need to understand the power they already have. It’s not doom and gloom. Especially for top leaders, they can learn to become this inspirational force within their organizations.” 

She continues, “When leaders model the behaviors and live by what they want to see in others, workplaces transform and become environments where people feel inspired and happy to come to work.”

Through in-the-moment sessions packed with inspiration, SummaWork’s to-the-point, fun-loving, no-nonsense approach empowers clients to take on the world and continue climbing to greater heights.

“The cool thing is that because I came from such a low place in my life, I understand all of them as I was once them,” she adds. 

“However, as a life coach, I don’t keep anything in the mental hard drive because I’m just very present. When it comes to coaching, I’m also not carrying your load. I don’t pick up your box. That’s your box. I will help you think about how you will pick it up, but I’m not touching it.”

So, if you find yourself facing a summit, with gravity anchoring your feet to the ground, whether in the workplace as a leader or in your personal life, allow yourself to break the chains and unleash your dormant inner power with SummaWork

A place backed by spearhead Maria Camargo “helps people transform their life into a more joyful, productive, and creative one.”

For more information, tap into her website here: https://summawork.com/