How to turn market volatility into daily profits through the Nasdaq Futures Markets (NQ).


Day Traders and CEO Mohan present “Live Ultra Precision Trade Signals on Nasdaq Futures (NQ)” for self-directed futures traders.

The Mini Nasdaq Futures contract (symbol:NQ) is known as the “King of Volatility” in the futures day trading industry. This is where a truly knowledgeable trader with a proven hyper accurate system can capture that volatility as it is occurring live to make fast gains .


Mohan: “I come from the days where you had to call in your orders on the telephone with speed dials to the brokers. Now a days with the electronic markets and excellent trading platforms available we can enter and exit trades in seconds.  This makes capturing extreme volatility a unique and profitable approach to trading the NQ….if you know what you are doing.


Trading Live with Mohan

Day Traders Action:   A Unique live Trading Signal Service provides live, Hyper Accurate called out Trade Signals giving experienced futures traders an average of +$800-2000 a day on a small account ( 4 NQ s)

We look to capture the volatility of the first 1-3 hours of trading on the NQ (mini Nasdaq) from 10:00 AM eastern standard time in the US (half an hour after the NYSE opens at 9:30 est) .

Long time (35 years) experienced futures trader and professional trainer Mohan produces consistent winning Trade Signals and live guidance for each trade.  These Signals can be used by the Experienced Futures Day Trader to duplicate in their own trading account.

From Mohan:   “ Our multi -year, on- going, daily average gain of +$800-2000+ per day can produce excellent return of up to 20-50% +  on invested margin capital in the first 1-3 hours of each session we trade.   We have an average of 95% overall winning sessions going back years. This is unheard of in the industry but for us it is normal.  We invite experienced futures traders to Come see the Proof of our Accuracy for yourself…with No Risk”.

A Unique Opportunity for Experienced Futures Day Traders

Mohan has been trading since 1988 and the DTA service began in 2003 as a Day Trading Educational School. At that time Mohan published the “Daily Directional Forecast” newsletter which called the exact direction of the next day’s market with great accuracy and success. This had never been done before in the industry and many thousands of readers benefited by knowing where the US market was going the next day in advance.  Day Traders Action’s success has continued and developed into a unique” Live Trading Signal Service” so individual traders can get these excellent results for themselves.


From Mohan:

“Our hyper accurate and easy to follow Trade Signals, can be executed by a subscriber in their own personal trading account.

This allows them to make up to +800-2000 a day after some initial training.  These daily results are normally accomplished in the first 1-3 hours of trading each day.  Then after hitting our specific target gain during this early period we end the trading session.  This allows the newer or struggling trader the opportunity to experience the mind set of being a winning trader while I guide each trade with hyper accuracy and tight stops.

After the session is over the trader is free for the rest of the day with a nice paycheck in their pocket along with a 3 day weekend every week.   I call this “The Pro Traders Life Style”.


The Day Traders Action Live NQ trading room has the lowest monthly subscription cost in the industry (just $49 to start and $149 a month thereafter).  The subscription begins for just $49 for the first 2 weeks of the subscriber to begin the training and start watching the Live Trade Signals.  In this way the trader can develop extreme confidence in the DTA Trade Signals and Guidance during each trade.”

Mohan says, “Truly with the daily results we get our members who are taking the Trade Signals realize the DTA room is actually FREE! The profitable trades pay for the subscription 10X over.  Our annual goal is to make up to +$150-200,000$ from the accumulated, daily Trade Signals. We focus on steady, consistent, incremental gains each day.

Mohan has trained Futures Day Traders of all ages and walks of life from around the world.

The above photo shows Mohan presenting a live seminar to over 320 traders who flew in from around the globe just to see Mohan’s 2 day training class.  There were over a dozen floor traders from Chicago and over 20 futures brokers who also attended.  These type of floor traders/brokers do NOT leave their desks for anything….but they came to Mohan’s seminar and spent a lot of time and money to meet him personally.

If you are an Experienced Futures  Day Trader you can join our DTA service for just $49 to start your training.

 Watch my Live Trade Signals with no risk,  start developing extreme confidence in my trading methods and then after some practice place those trades in your own account.

To Join our DTA Live Trading room just go to our website at:

Trading Live with Mohan


Before Joining just scroll down on the site above and watch my in depth 30 minute intro and training video. This will show you examples of how we Scalp the NQ in the room.  Most of our trades last just 1-3 minutes. You must have experience trading the high- speed futures markets to join our room. Futures Trading is Risky and Only Risk Capital should be used for trading in the DTA room.


You can also join our DTA room directly by using any credit card on PayPal:

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Feel free to email me with any questions. I’ll See you in the Day Traders Action.

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Our Motto: “We Use the market to carve out a nice daily paycheck…We don’t let the market Use Us.”

And always remember “No Guts….no Glory”