Steve Ziemke: Pioneering Success at Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western EVP Steve Ziemke is known as a visionary in networking and the development of strong partner relationships through effective communication, prompt follow up and providing education and information to his clients.

“My roots are in sales,” Ziemke shares. “I was promoted through management in the insurance business and rose fairly high within organizations. I’m self-motivated; I don’t need anybody really on me, telling me what to do. I have goals that I hit. I have the individual control of being my own boss.

“But in the oil and gas industry I thought, ‘This would be such a very unique opportunity to be in contact with and touch so many people’s lives. To be out there and educate them on what the oil and gas investment’s all about, what it can do for them from an investment standpoint, a tax strategy standpoint, and to help them think about the future outside the stock market.’”

At Gulf Coast Western, Ziemke has taken on significant responsibilities spanning strategic planning, operations, and partnership development. His tenure at the company has been characterized by remarkable achievements, including input into the expansion of developmental oil and gas projects, playing a part in enhancement of operational efficiencies, and the forging of vital partnerships and networking. Ziemke’s ability to navigate the complexities of the energy sector while driving growth and sustainability initiatives has cemented his reputation as a key asset to Gulf Coast Western.

Steve Ziemke Muses About Supply and Demand 

Steve Ziemke has been at the forefront of incorporating innovative approaches into partnership development and networking through the establishment of CPA and Financial Advisor relationships at Gulf Coast Western. His commitment to developing these relationships has led to a strategy of diversification and aggressive tax strategies for his clients  revolutionizing the way to build business in an efficient manner. And he believes he’s filling a crucial need.

He notes, “I think the importance of energy in this country is just the impact of how it’s growing, how the demand is growing, how the alternative investments are growing alongside. My experience in oil and gas has caused me to understand that while alternative energy sources such as Electric Vehicles (EVs), wind, and solar are crucial to America’s future, their growth is at a pace where oil and gas prices will not be negatively impacted for many years, probably 10 – 15 years. 

“So for me, in the oil and gas industry, we need oil and gas. There is such a demand and it’s increasing as the economies grow domestically and globally through population growth and business expansion; we need oil and gas.”

Ziemke Shares His Lessons in Leadership

Steve Ziemke’s leadership philosophy is rooted in a commitment to innovation, integrity, and collaboration. He believes in leading by example, as he elaborated on in an interview with Ideamensch.

“I have always believed that working hard and going the extra mile is what has helped me gain a foothold and develop my career. I started in sales in the insurance industry, and my hard work and results led to my advancement into senior management. My success in oil and gas can be attributed to working diligently from the beginning and being consistent.

“Throughout this, however, I quickly learned that one must work smart in addition to hard. If I hadn’t developed my sales skills by becoming more effective in acquiring new clients and developing existing clients, while getting rid of bad habits or ineffective techniques, I would not be where I am today.”

Looking ahead, Steve Ziemke envisions a bright and sustainable future for Gulf Coast Western. His strategic plans involve helping expand the company’s portfolio through the acquisition of increased partner relationships, deepening partnerships with key stakeholders, and continuing to take part in the aggressive growth of Gulf Coast Western. As EVP, Ziemke’s vision extends to playing a pivotal role in the growth of Gulf Coast Western through taking part in the development and implementation of quality programs, and increasing his client base through quality relationships and effective communication.  His forward-thinking strategies are geared toward ensuring the company’s long-term success and contributing to a more sustainable energy landscape.

“The one trend that excites me is the commodity price of oil,” he said. “Global and domestic demands are increasing as various industries increase their productivity to meet customer demands.

“In my outlook working at Gulf Coast Western, I see strong oil prices helping in our clients’ returns, both short and long term, as well as the continued tax savings that they experience.”