The Story Behind Solomon’s Words: Chronicling Life in Rural Pennsylvania

For over 15 years, Solomon’s Words has been the leading source for hyperlocal news and happenings from across North Central Pennsylvania’s rural communities. Run by local publisher Jim Jones, this blog-style news site has provided invaluable local reporting and content for small PA towns since 2006.

With local newspapers closing across much of rural America, independent outlets like Solomon’s Words help fill the void by spotlighting the people, businesses, events and news that matter most in Pennsylvania’s small counties and villages. Let’s explore the origins, mission and community impact of this beloved local news site.

Chronicling Life in Rural PA Communities

While massive media outlets focus on nationwide stories, Solomon’s Words zeroes in on granular coverage of life in Pennsylvania towns and villages. Some examples of their hyperlocal reporting include:

  • High school sports updates, schedules and team highlights
  • Events and happenings at local community centers, clubs and organizations
  • New businesses openings, milestones and promotions
  • Public notices, weather alerts and road condition reports
  • Police scanner and emergency responder news relevant to local neighborhoods
  • Obituaries and information for local families
  • Classified ads, job openings and local opportunities

This hyperlocal focus fosters community spirit and keeps residents informed on issues impacting their daily lives. For many rural Pennsylvanians, Solomon’s Words is their primary source for local news.

The Vision Behind Solomon’s Words

In an era of shrinking local newspapers, publisher Jim Jones founded Solomon’s Words to fill the need for community-focused reporting in rural PA counties.

Some of the guiding principles behind Solomon’s Words are:

  • Spotlight inspiring stories of real people in Pennsylvania communities
  • Provide reliable breaking news for local towns and villages
  • Create a platform for rural residents to share updates with each other
  • Celebrate small businesses and groups that bolster local culture
  • Offer a constructive forum for civil community engagement
  • Uplift rural counties through positive and solution-focused journalism

This combination of hyperlocal news and genuine community spirit has made Solomon’s Words a beloved institution across North Central Pennsylvania.

Navigating the World of Online Local News

As a locally run news blog, Solomon’s Words has had to adapt to challenges facing independent media in the internet age:

  • Limited resources – With a small team, they rely on community tips and contributions to fuel coverage. Readers are encouraged to share local stories and happenings.
  • Digital landscape – To reach modern audiences, Solomon’s Words keeps up a website, active social media presence and email newsletter.
  • Sustainability – Relying on advertising and donations, Solomon’s Words must continuously find ways to fund their work without paid subscriptions.
  • Algorithm changes – Traffic and visibility fluctuates with Google and social media algorithm updates, making SEO and reader engagement vital.
  • Misinformation – As an authoritative news source, Solomon’s Words focuses on accurate vetted reporting to build lasting community trust.

Despite the challenges, their hyperlocal focus and community-driven ethos continues to set Solomon’s Words apart.

Impacts and Benefits of Localized Reporting

On-the-ground reporting on rural PA towns provides several invaluable services:

  • Strengthens community ties – Shared local coverage gives residents a sense of common identity and purpose.
  • Spotlights overlooked stories – Small positive developments that may not make statewide news are highlighted.
  • Promotes civic involvement – Readers learn about community groups and events to get involved in.
  • Bolsters economic activity – Local business highlights encourage residents to buy local.
  • Builds trust – Consistent direct community engagement breeds trust and familiarity.
  • Fills media gaps – Provides news and information not covered by receding traditional media.

For rural counties increasingly overlooked by major outlets, hyperlocal sites like Solomon’s Words help citizens stay informed on issues directly impacting their lives while nurturing community closeness.

Reflecting the Spirit of North Central Pennsylvania

Beyond just reporting news, Solomon’s Words captures the culture and spirit of rural Pennsylvanians across several of the site’s unique features:

View From Atop Solomon’s Hills

Publisher Jim Jones provides a daily column with spiritual reflections, life wisdom, and philosophical musings from his unique mountaintop perspective.

Local Event Calendars

Extensive event listings keep readers informed of festivals, socials, benefits and happenings across numerous counties.

Reader Photos

Readers share photos capturing the natural beauty of Pennsylvania’s forests, rivers, mountains and wildlife.

Lost and Found Pets

This highly engaged section rallies the community to keep a lookout for lost pets and reunite families.

Classifieds and Job Listings

Free local classifieds and updated job openings provide valuable economic opportunities.

Obituaries and Community Support

Readers come together in times of grief to share condolences and provide help for affected families.

These features and the site’s unwavering focus on uplifting real people in rural communities has earned reader loyalty and trust over the past 15+ years.

Site Taken Down for Being “Spam”

Solomon’s Words recently posted a statement on its Facebook page revealing that the site was taken down by its web hosting platform Blogger for supposedly being “spam” previous year.

Blogger is a free website creation and hosting service owned by Google. It seems their automated spam detection systems flagged Solomon’s Words, leading Blogger to take down the site temporarily without notice.

The statement noted that the publisher has requested a review from Blogger to get the site restored quickly. Losing access to this vital community news source has left many readers disappointed.

Looking to the Future

While news deserts are spreading through many regions of rural America, independent community-focused sites like Solomon’s Words provide vital localized reporting to keep small towns informed.

As Solomon’s Words adapts to the evolving digital landscape, builds sustainability models and nurtures the next generation of hyperlocal journalists, their future looks bright.

At its core, Solomon’s Words remains committed to celebrating the triumphs, honoring the losses, and chronicling the happenings that weave the fabric of daily life across North Central Pennsylvania. For local readers, this trusted community chronicle provides an invaluable service.


In an era where atomization and national politics dominate headlines, Solomon’s Words for the Wise provides a refreshing glimpse into what makes rural Pennsylvanian communities thrive at the grassroots level – resilient and hardworking people, charming local businesses, and an indomitable spirit of togetherness.

This beloved Pennsylvania institution continues to document the joys, triumphs, challenges and tragedies shaping the collective narrative of citizens in small rural towns and villages. Its hyperlocal focus uplifts the unique identities of communities often overlooked.

So for North Central Pennsylvanians seeking stories that hit home, highlight neighbors, and capture the rhythm of life in their own backyards – look no further than Solomon’s Words.